It was wonderful!!!!!!! Bryan Savage is amazing. If you missed it, you missed a fantastic show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marsha Leopard

 What a great concert, Bryan Savage's performance was amazing! Roy McNew​

Perfection! Wonderful! Happy! Your performance was fantastic! I enjoyed every note! Your talent and dedication are amazing! Thanks for sharing here in Chilli! The new cd is great--Amazing Grace--LOVE! Rosalee Nibarger Suchsland

Bryan Savage's performance was certainly one of the best shows ever! We could have listened to another two hours easy. Thanks Bryan and thanks to the Chillicothe Arts Council. Bev Maupin

Awesome. Michael Walker

 As my cousin said....spellbound! Beth Edwards Sanson

He was fantastic! Debbie Ficken

Bryan gave us all a wonderful musical performance. Bill Maupin

 In bridge we categorize beginner, novice, intermediate, advanced, and world class. Bryan is World Class. Amazing performance! Donald Baskett

 Incredible feeling!!!! Dan Rachmelowitz

 I had never heard Bryan before and I was so glad I went to his concert. He was absolutely incredible!!! Thanks Chillicothe Area Arts Council! Mary Bryan

 Amazing musician is all I can say. I know I have never heard anyone better on an instrument than Bryan Savage. It gives me chills to hear him play. The saxophone and flute, will literally blow you away! Stacy Savage-Maberry

 My mom said it was phenomenal. Crystal Ficken Narr

 What a talent!! We had a cd of his, but seeing him in person was even more impressive. Thanks Bryan & the Chillicothe Area Arts Council!  Carol Frieling Sloan




"Bryan Savage continues his climb into the ranks of today's top contemporary saxmen with the hearty, very satisfying "Soul Temptation", which will go a long way towards establishing him as one of the premier performers of the decade...this is one Cat who can really roar!!" JONATHAN WIDRAN--JAZZIZ MAGAZINE 

"I was blown was like listening to his album, one great song after another!" JAMIE KARTAK, KHIH PROGRAM DIRECTOR, DENVER, COLORADO 

"Who's the saxiest blower in the business? Odds are Bryan Savage"  

"Excellent listener response...Bryan's star will continue to shine". MICHAEL FISCHER, PROGRAM DIRECTOR, WNUA, CHICAGO, IL 

Bryan Savage blows with an attractive combination of fire and seductive ice!" JONATHAN WIDRAN-- JAZZIZ MAGAZINE 

From the album "Soul Temptation" comes a refreshing single; a familiar urban beat and flute give it a mental impression of contemporary drama. Although this is an instrumental song, it encompasses so much more than most vocally driven jazz material. One can almost feel the music move through the body and mind; it conjures images of slowly sipping a cup of cappuccino in a cafe on a beautiful and calm evening. So listen closely. It is really worth a try. 

"Okay, here is the PAC Bullpen question for next week: How many of you  have had intimate relations with a main squeeze over the course of the past year while listening to a sax player, and who was that sax player? We are going to determine once and for all who the saxiest blower is in the business, and odds are that Bryan Savage will get more than one or two votes. Should we eliminate Kenny G from the competition, just to make it fair? Two years ago Bryan's self-titled project nestled in the top twenty on the PAC chart, 16 to be exact, and this project should blow by that in a Michigan minute. The label suggests about four tracks on the CD, one of which is the fave around here, and that is "Something Sweet", which starts out with a beautiful harmonica solo that ends much too quickly...This is a CD that will quadruple your hug ratio, Saxafaction guaranteed!" Pat McCoy 

Colorado saxman Bryan Savage has taken a handful of albums to find his true voice, and it's nice to see all the previous promise come to such exciting fruition on the playfully-titled Cat Food (Elation Artists), which adds a decidedly urban dimension to his passionate leanings.  
The whimsical album moniker is just one dimension  of Savage's approach on the new release, as it blends funk with silk, high-energy jamming with mouthwatering melodies galore. His new street twist comes courtesy of the Midas guidance of the suddenly ubiquitous Rick Braun, whose production and compositional abilities complement Savage's easy funk and lite's-out instincts. Also on hand lending wondrous support are the fiery strings of Jeff Golub (another Braun charge) and Mr. Breezy himself, Peter White. While nearly every cut--including sharp covers of the Commodores' "Night Shift" and Marvin Gayes's "Sexual Healing"--rings true and heartfelt, it's the triple collaboration of Savage, White, and Braun oh the puchy jam "Gotcha" which strikes the hardest and engages the longest. As Savage comes into his own and sneaks away from the crowded sax pack, he should have the foresight to stick with these two genre masters in breaking further career ground.   Jonathan Widran 

Sax and flute specialist Bryan Savage finally gets the leaner, meaner arrangements he deserves on Cat Food (Elation Artists 81042;48:00), a witty and crisp effort helmed by producer Rick Braun, who also co-wrote many of the album's songs. Savage wields an uncommonly muscular tenor, achieving a growling tone for the film noir-ish hooks of "One Night in Paris." Braun is also there to lend a horn, interplaying gamely on muted trumpet with Savage's snaking flute melody on the stuttering funky-cool title track. Other recurring guests on this fine effort include guitarist Peter White, whose sweet style buoys the low-key melody "Enchantment," and the spirit of Marvin Gaye, covered on "Sexual Healing" and paid tribute on the Commodores' "Night Shift." Padded with pointless background vocals, "Night Shift becomes the sole surviving "frilly" arrangement here, in contrast to the strong staples permeating the rest of Savage's Cat Food. 

Bryan Savage, the Aspen-based saxophonist, fluist and composer, has the kind of track record that entices record companies not only to pick up the recording tab, but also throw the weight of their marketing and publicity departments behind him. Savage, who returned to the valley in October after two years in the Los Angles area, signed with Higher Octave Jazz, owned by the giant Virgin record company, for his latest. 

Soul Temptation, recorded in L.A. and released in the middle of last year, is Savage's fifth CD of smooth jazz. While each of his previous efforts has hit the contemporary jazz and smooth jazz charts, none has hit quite as hard as Soul Temptation. The first single, "Kaleidoscope," a rhythmic workout featuring Savage's woodwinds and Vin D'Onofrio's guitar, made the top 20; the title cut, co-written by Savage and his frequent collaborator Braun, peaked in the top 15. "Mulholland Drive," which includes keyboards from the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's Bob Carpenter, has just been release as the album's third single. 

Catfood, the title track from Savage's last CD, went all the way to number two on the radio charts, but he said "Soul Temptation," is the bigger seller. "The label is owned and distributed by Virgin, so it gets around everywhere."  Stewart Oksenhorn 

QUOTES FROM MUSIC FANS ( the the Cd Soul Temptation) 

"Truly a Soul Temptation! 
Bryan Savage showcases his talented saxophone artistry on the title track, as well as on "Mulholland Drive, "River of Dreams", and "Kaleidoscope". A smooth collection of great musical hits destined to become classics! The music to come home to...encore!" 

"A music fan from Denver, Colorado, --five stars--Soul Temptation is smooth jazz at it's best. 
Bryan Savage plays some great sax and flute on this smooth jazz album. It contains some very catchy numbers that Higher Octave refers to as "funky", but whatever you call it, it is fun listening. It is one CD that I never get tired of because it is an interesting mix of songs, moods, and rhythms. Not to mention the fact that Savage is one very talented horn player." 

"A music fan from Colorado--five stars. 
This album is terrrific--definitely a don't miss! 
Be sure not to miss this CD or any of his earlier recordings (4 before this one). A big hit in California, pass it on!" from Calif. USA--Five stars 
 "A tone of his own. 
Bryan Savage has a way of getting your attention by attacking his notes. Soul Temptation is such a great CD. I recommend that anyone who likes to listen to music to relax and feel good about life pick up a copy of this work." 


Marked by propulsive rhythm and passionate tonality, Aspen artist Bryan Savage's debut is an eclectic collection of jazz and adult contemporary music. With it's eight original songs and three nostalgic covers, the album evokes feelings both warm and experiential. Bryan plays alto, tenor and baritone saxophones, as well as concert and alto flutes. He is supported by a host of talented musicians including percussianist Larry Thompson, bassist Thomas Jefferson, keyboardist Jerome Gilmer, guitarist Steve Sykes, guest guitarist Kenny Vaughn, and keyboardist-producer Dik Darnell. 

The opening piece is an ebullient number entitled "Spring Fever" that serves as an early showcase for Bryan's polished and Charlie Parker-influenced style. With Bryan switching from sax to flute, the group drives through an almost ethereal "Pacific Coast Highway" and then to one of the albums most sensual renderings, the seamless yet explorative "Missing You". Following a flute and harpsichord-based renditionof Al Stewart and Peter White's "End of the Day" is a wistful and fresh cover of "Harlem Nocturne" that allows for timely improvisation midway through. The musicians then move on into a jazz fusion piece aptly-titled "Caribbean Dream" and a smooth take of the ever-popular "I Only Have Eyes For You" that boasts an intricate coupling of Savage and keyboardist Jerome Gilmer.  Gilmer's rhythmic "Bonaire" follows up with an opportunity for Jefferson, Sykes and Thompson to join in a seemingly reggae-fueled jaunt. Savage and company playfully romp through a tune called "Stars" and then slow down the pace with the companion pieces "Siren's of the Sea" and Michele" (Bryan's tribute to his wife).  With the use of synthesized winds, surf, and whale calls, "Sirens" serves up a new age surrealism that allows for the passionate saxophone of "Michele" to place a warm coda on the album. 

Overall, the "Bryan Savage" album is quite tastefully arranged and spirited while allowing for virtuosic performances by Savage as well as his band members. Its consistently comforting tone and subtle diversity should make it appealing to a wide variety of listeners.  Colin Mangham 

On Catfood, Savage's sax is in smooth form on a bunch of original compositions and covers of such tunes as  Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing," and Nightshift," which contains some neat vocal work. There's a heartbeat here, and the production is top-notch. Stewart Oksenhorn 

One of the most popular Smooth Jazz releases of the year, Bryan Savage's breakthrough release, Cat Food, not only established him as one of the genre's most exciting and versatile sax and flute players, but also marked the beginning of an incredibly fruitful creative relationship with trumpeter-producer Rick Braun-- who hepled Savage uncover his natural affinity for urban flavored music. The same kind of soulful energy that prompted Jazziz Magazine to proclaim Savage as "one cat who can really roar" is at the heart of Savage's Higher Octave Jazz debut, Soul Temptation. 

While Soul Temptation-- which features seven tracks produced by Braun, Two by Savage and one by longtime Higher Octave artist William Aura and featuring 3rdForce--boasts a much more passionate, seductive title than its whimsically named predecessor, the collection taps upon the same blend of lush romance and cool funk that has become a Savage trademark. Many multi-reed players who are equally adept at sax and flute limit themselves to one or the other on their releases, but he happily chooses to present both voices based on where the composition leads him. 

"A lot of artists sit down before starting an album and pick a specific vibe or direction to focus on, but I didn' take that approach," says Savage, a Missouri native who made his mark in Denver before relocating to his current home, Los Angeles. "Instead,  I chose my best and favorite tunes and let them determine the ultimate course of the project.  Cat Food got me thinkng in terms of a more soul-oriented flavor, and Soul Temptation actually turned out to be even more urban than that. I'm very comfortable playing in that mode, and expecially happy that I didn't have to sacrifice either flute or sax to create a balanced sound. When I write a tune, sometimes I hear which will work better, but often, it's trial and error. It's great to have that option, and I think it adds diversity." 

A mega-popular artist in his own right who has produced numerous genre artists, Rick Braun has become a very important force in Savage's creative evolution. "My albums before Cat Food tended to be less focused and without clear direction in some ways," adds Savage. "Collaborating with Rick has helped create a side of me which was harder to reach on my own. Growing up I was totally into 60's and 70's soul music, yet my early albums did not reflect this. His suggestions brought me back to those sounds, and prompted me to explore presenting them in a modern way." 

Most of the tracks on Soul Temptation were recored in various rooms of Braun's home (switching rooms based on the best acoustics) while Savage recorded the majority of the lead lines of sax and flute in his own home studio--just down the block from Braun's house! The powerful and torchy, slow-building cover of "Georgia On My Mind" (a favorite of Savage's live set, and usually his closing number was recorded in an outside studio with Savage's new L.A. band, while the rest of the album, features longtime Braun associates, guitarist Vinnie D'Onofrio, bassist John Menzano and drummer Dave Karasony and Dave Palmer. 


Night Fire (Etherean Music label) takes a more romantic approach than his two previous recordings ("Bryan Savage,"  and "Saxafaction,").  While his first CD is moody, upbeat, danceable, Saxafaction is a feel-good sound peppered with influences of pop, Latin and reggae rhythms. Saxafaction reached No. 4 in the jazz/new adult contemporary caegory nationwide. 

Night Fire is dreamy, classy and elegant, from the celestial-sounding "To Be Loved" (you can "hear" shooting stars), to the rock 'n roll groove of the title cut, to the playful tango-dancing sound of "The Twinkle in Your Eye." Savage collaborated with another Aspen musician, Haden Gregg, on the title cut. "Stranger on the Shore" is another of Savage's favorites on the album, a recreation of a major early '60's hit that should be recognizable to many.  

While both sax and flute were spotlighted, but separate, on previous recordings, the two instruments that Savage has mastered are more integrated into each song on Night Fire. 
Never one to disapppoint fans who yearn for the magical, soothing sounds of his saxophone and flute, Savage delivers with Night Fire. 

BRYAN SAVAGE by Jonathan Widran 
"Rush Hour" 

Bryan Savage's two provocatively titled break-through smooth jazz recordings, Cat Food and his Higher Octave Music debut Soul Temptation, were well-deserved success stories at radio, with select tracks reaching the Top Ten on the Gavin and Radio & Records charts. This tremendous reception and resulting sales fulfilled the tremendous promise of his first three critically acclaimed independent releases in the early Nineties. While Savage truly established himself as a multi-talented composer, saxophonist and flutist, on his biggest hits he had the tremendous support of some of the biggest names in smooth jazz, including producer/trumpeter Rick Braun. His latest Higher Octave release Rush Hour, a highly melodic, funk-drenched exercise in hip and cool, is also a truly home-grown effort and a tremendous exercise in self-confidence. 

For the first time in his career, Savage takes most of the production reins himself and works with his core band of guitarist Howard Arthur, keyboardist Dave Hanson, bassist Chris Engelman and drummer Larry Thompson, a tight ensemble that has played together for eight years.  Nitty Gritty Dirt Band  keyboardist Bob Carpenter co-produced three tracks with Savage: the seductive Latin flavored "Walkabout," the moody and retro-soulful "Innuendo" (which features Savage on both soprano and alto) and the graceful, lyrical flute ballad "Seville". Savage's band keyboardist Dave Hanson contributes energetic keyboard and piano harmonies to a moody, sensual cover of the 60's hit "Sunny." 

Since the release of Soul Temptation, Savage became a Protools user and simply felt it was time to assert himself behind the board. But from a more practical angle, Savage had moved back from Los Angeles to the mountains outside of Aspen and logistics dictated that it would make more sense to gather his home grown Colorado musician comrades rather than commute back and forth to the West Coast. "At first, the decision to do Rush Hour largely on my own was because of the travel and scheduling difficulties," he says. "But it turned out that doing the album this way gave me a tremendous opportunity to grow as both a player and producer. I learned so many things from both Rick Braun and my previous producer Dick Darnell, and after five recordings, I realized I could do it, too. It was a lot of fun but also a bit scary. 

"Rick's usual m.o. was to take a demo and completely rework the song on a sequencer, and I did some of that this time," Savage adds. "But because I would have the final say, I tended to record the initial demos as if they were nearly the final mixes themselves. I allowed myself a lot of time to get things right, and there was a lot of trial and error. But as always, my goal was to create songs that were as good as possible, and create tracks that served them well." 

Other key tracks on Rush Hour include the hypnotic, gently percussive but also very ambient sax tune "Scenic Route"; a folksy, flute driven glide down "Wind River"; the acid-jazzy title track, featuring a bluesy synth organ harmony and electronic vibes; the smokey, gentle soprano ballad "Coral Princess," which was named after a favorite hotel in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico; and a lush, very retro flute led version of Stevie Wonder's "My Cherie Amour". Rush Hour also features a shuffle groove remix of "Coral Princess" by Savage's Higher Octave labelmates 3rd Force. 

Bryan Savage's resume extends back even further to the Seventies, when his band Starwood signed with Columbia Records and toured with The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. The Dirt Band, along with Savage's unforgettable sax, backed up comedian Steve Martin's camp classic "King Tut," which went novelty gold. Savage was also an integral part of singer Al Stewart's band in the early 80's, playing alongside future smooth jazz guitar star Peter White (who later played on Cat Food) on tours of the U.S., Canada, Europe and Japan. Over the years, Savage has also worked with The Amazing Rhythm Aces and John Denver,and has opened concerts for Bonnie Raitt, Mick Fleetwood, Santana, Glenn Frey, Eddie Money, Journey, Gary Burton and many others. 

"Because of all of those varied experiences, it's really just a natural experience for me playing contemporary jazz," says Savage. "It blends elements of all of the styles I have played and love, drawing on so many influences from jazz to rock and even to country music. It all blends together for me to shape who I am as an artist. I heard it all as a kid, from Stan Getz to Dave Brubeck to the Animals and Wilson Picket." 

After spending most of the Eighties playing the Aspen nightclub scene, Savage focused on launching a solo career and eventually signed with Elation Artists. While many cuts from his popular self-titled debut are still in radio rotation today, it was Saxafaction  which originally broke him through as a presence in the contemporary jazz world. The disc reached #4 on the national PAC charts and eclipsed 30,000 in sales in just a few months. His follow-up Night Fire performed even better and earned Jazziz Magazine's praise as "an attractive combination of fire and ice." The same publication exclaimed that his follow-up Cat Food was "a promise come to exciting fruition." Cat Food peaked at #2 on the Radio & Records smooth jazz charts, and ranked #11 overall for the year; Soul Temptation then reached similar heights, breaking into the Top 15 on the strength of its title track. 

Savage, who lives in Colorado after a few years in Los Angeles, but recently purchased a condo at the beach in the Puerto Vallarta area, wondered if "Rush Hour" was too stressful a name for a smooth jazz recording. And of course, the name was too good not to keep, capturing the wide range of his explosive yet often gentle style. Rush Hour plays like a grand adventure while also confirming Bryan Savage's place among the elite sax and flute players in smooth jazz. 

For more information about Bryan Savage or bookings, please email or call 970-462-3500.